An object friendly for designers

In Dobroteka, we pay special attention to create perfect conditions of comfortable work for the designer. We have created places for them like Reading room, Auditorium, Showroom. We organize lectures and professional meetings. We also organize workshops and competitions, which are dedicated for the designers.
The Showroom offers a wide range of interior equipment, which is necessary for the proper preparation and implementation of the design. The designer can use the available catalogs of products that are available in Dobroteka,  but also is offered by other renowned European brands. We cooperate with many international brands. If there was not such cooperation before , you can make contact with the manufacturer and carry out the order. Here, the architect may meet with the client and his needs to execute a contract for furniture global brands, but also - thanks to the cooperation with many local partners - can benefit from their knowledge and experience of doing furniture designed for individual order.