The Apartment of the Future

The Apartment of the Future It is a brave interpretation of the future apartment, which is located in the center of Dobroteka - the Apartament of the Future. This is the first in Poland as well in Europe explorative laboratory of interior design for commercial purposes. Here, we invite our customers to present in reality the functioning modern solutions for the flat. In The Apartment of the Future you can cook a dinner, watch a movie on a four meter TV screen, listen to an excellent quality of music, sit in a comfortable chair with a book and a cup of coffee or play computer games, and at the same time controlling the flat tablet. The Apartment of the Future is a must visit for all those who are planning to equip their apartments with the latest solutions of the highest quality!

You can arrange a presentation or you can sign up for a participation in the study:
Dr. Tomasz Wiktorski, e-mail adress:, tel. 507-966-623.